Drop myself into the water

Maybe better interactions between Woogyu, but what’s kind of “politeness” is that. Or just an updated interaction in front of cameras and fans from what they got in Idol Wrestling Championship.

Just compare two pics, they are even in the same costumes



The feeling would be quite different

The fight (if there should be one) perhaps were to happen so long, and we need to wait for future fancams/pics/show to see changes

I’m indeed a Myunggyu and Hogyu shipper at the moment, but Woogyu is my OTP first and forever.

Woogyu couple could be just fanservice or there are/were something more than that, we don’t know. The only thing we know is the boys are close to each other and under the family of Infinite.

My ranting is about the lack of Woogyu, as we call it, during the recent period, based on my own observation and thinking. Don’t judge me hard for this ^_^

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Woohyun and Sunggyu do not exist in each other’s eyes any more :(((

Lately, they have become like totally distant people.

What has happened to my OTP ????????

What is up with Howon all the time ? He is trying not to let Sunggyu watch the match right :))

Dongwoo is just playing :D

Woogyu is breaking my heart right now. They are not standing side by side, sitting closely, touching each other like no tomorrow any more :-sssssss Even they are next to each other, they do not even look at the other. There are 2Woo, Myunggyu, Hogyu, Wooyeol, Wooya.

Don’t do that to my little fangirl soul OTL


Well, the title says it all! This is a thank you to my followers and you’ll be recieving Infinite’s She’s Back Special Edition Japanese Version. Pictures can be seen here!

If you are under 18, please get parent permission!
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HOYA  @ She’s back (jap) photo book (cr..infinitebar via LYeolNam):please do not edit everything on pics

Gyu is looking at Hoya and Namu is looking at Gyu =)) What a love triangle :D

How many pictures are there in She’s back photobook that have Sunggyu :-sssssssss

I can see one that he is sitting, one that he is lying, one with the whole group :(((